Month: June 2022

hi, I guess

This is weird, -posting on a blog that logically would be abandoned after my leave.
Usually when kids leave a school they would logically and understandably leave their blog untouched.
But I decided to change the tradition up a bit and make this very blog post!

As you read this you start to wonder, why, how, when, and probably what and who.
But the main question is why would I want to add a new post to this blog that who knows, may be shut down after a while.
Well the answer is quite simple. Yeah I could just leave my blog here to slowly grow older and older without any other sight of new posts.
But on the other hand, I could post new blog posts and blog over the activities/things that I've been doing over the time of my leave. That is what I truly want really.

Well anyway, now that we've gotten that out of the way we can talk about my time during my leave.
Not every tiny little piece of info but just a small summery. As some of the viewers, that may be you, will know about my leave to Australia.
This move was not easy at all, due to all the changing-encounters we had come across. Changing in general is one of the most hardest things you can do. But 
fortunately for me I was informed with all of this scary changing and adaptation blah blah blah. And I handled it all quite well. Although the leaving my school bit
was through the roof. Right now we're staying with relatives and everything is going quite smooth. We gotten to go to cities suburbs we've never been to and yeah.
That's pretty much what's been going down oh and the Australian winter is basically New Zealand summer so now I'm just scared for summer now!

Okay! That was just my little catch on the blog guys and girls!

If you enjoyed you enjoyed you don't have to comment anything okay.
And one thing, I made a drawing for you guys! https://www.googledrive/DRAWING?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ