Year: 2022

hi, I guess

This is weird, -posting on a blog that logically would be abandoned after my leave.
Usually when kids leave a school they would logically and understandably leave their blog untouched.
But I decided to change the tradition up a bit and make this very blog post!

As you read this you start to wonder, why, how, when, and probably what and who.
But the main question is why would I want to add a new post to this blog that who knows, may be shut down after a while.
Well the answer is quite simple. Yeah I could just leave my blog here to slowly grow older and older without any other sight of new posts.
But on the other hand, I could post new blog posts and blog over the activities/things that I've been doing over the time of my leave. That is what I truly want really.

Well anyway, now that we've gotten that out of the way we can talk about my time during my leave.
Not every tiny little piece of info but just a small summery. As some of the viewers, that may be you, will know about my leave to Australia.
This move was not easy at all, due to all the changing-encounters we had come across. Changing in general is one of the most hardest things you can do. But 
fortunately for me I was informed with all of this scary changing and adaptation blah blah blah. And I handled it all quite well. Although the leaving my school bit
was through the roof. Right now we're staying with relatives and everything is going quite smooth. We gotten to go to cities suburbs we've never been to and yeah.
That's pretty much what's been going down oh and the Australian winter is basically New Zealand summer so now I'm just scared for summer now!

Okay! That was just my little catch on the blog guys and girls!

If you enjoyed you enjoyed you don't have to comment anything okay.
And one thing, I made a drawing for you guys! https://www.googledrive/DRAWING?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ

The Curse of The Bike – 2022

The Curse of the Bike

-I don’t know how I came up with it but it was good!

(Comment if you have any thoughts on this story!)


I’ve always loved riding bikes, scooters, and skateboards. But my all time favourite are bikes. I have had about 4 bikes throughout my life, not much, but each of those bikes were special.

It was my 4th birthday. Warm evening sunset really set a chill mood that day. Everyone gathered around in the sitting room. With an angry bird cake on the coffee table. The one present I remember was this one as big as me! Once I blew out the candles. I instantly rushed to the present. Everyone laughed thinking of me as just being excited, but no, I felt like this bike was truly powerful!

I opened up the wrapping with a ruckus. Once it was fully exposed I felt this shock wave of some sort, it was quite a weird sensation. My head jolted back along with my whole body. I endeavoured to fight against the force. But nothing worked, it was as if I was paralysed. I could see myself moving at a slow pace backwards if I was doing a back flip in slow mo. I finally cocked my head back to view my gift. I could see myself. A duplicate. I also realised that I was floating. It was an odd thought that I was truly flying. A deep voice of an old man suddenly spooked me.
“The power of this bike is unpredictable. Take care of yourself along with this bike. This is my message to the chosen one.”

I looked behind me but no-one was talking. Mum, Dad, grandparents, they were all frozen in place. A descending warp lasted a second then….

I was back, standing there, staring at the bike.

I remember that day for the rest of my life! It was so weird. Now, I have my 4th bike. Ever since that weird event, odd scenarios seemed to happen to each of the bikes except for the bike I have now, until I found this anonymous button hidden at the bottom of my suspensions. I got curious so I pressed it…

Nothing happened. This sudden suspense was built. I couldn’t see or hear it, but I could feel it. I knew it was coming…

Suddenly a bassed boom blasted me away from my bike! A man in all black appears beside the bike, and in a deep robotic voice the man says “This space transporting vehicle will be taken in custody of the government of alien bravo122 world.” “Wait!” I shout. “Packaging 324 will be arriving shortly. Due to a call by Alien 389 64 hours and 52 seconds ago.” What was this dude talking about? Where did he come from? Why did he come? So many questions filled my head. “Alien courier service delivery33 completed.” And just in a blink of an eye he was gone as well as my bike. I need to get my bike back! I tell myself.

When a sudden voice says “Jin ”. I twitched. “Dad, stop scaring me like that!” “Sorry. Um there is a package that came in with a new scooter. Would you like to give it a try?” Wait for a package, my dad just said there was a package that came in, just as the alien told me. The alien also mentioned that it was also called in by aliens. Alien389 to be exact!

Is my dad getting these bikes for me on purpose?

Is my dad an alien?

Are these bikes sent by him?


And most importantly what was happening to me?

Shreks’ First Ever Blog post….

Shrek does a blog post!

Here is a little About Me that Shrek made.
I wonder what he wrote?

( Comment down below if you have any questions :D)


G’day there,
You may know me as the handsome one and only, Shrek. I live peacefully in a small swamp which conveniently has my everyday needs!
If you have seen my movie, you may also know that I’m an in shape, handsome, tall, kind, loving ogre. I may be stereotyped as a scary disgusting creature but no. I am basically perfect.
I appreciate time alone and sometimes enjoy the company of my fish, bugs, and toothpaste in the kitchen and bathroom. My favourite colour is brown and I love my home dished fish eye balls!
Most of the time I enjoy keeping myself occupied either catching my food or having warm mud baths that are kept warm in the evening by the setting sun!

Immersion Assembly – We Know The Way

The holiday was amazing! Got to see two of my cousins, and more. But sadly and happily at the same time the holidays ended. Yes, today is the first day of school, and we had assembly as always. Each team had their turn to explain what they will be doing through out the term. Team one performed a role play about bees, Team two also had a role play but about pirates. And


The Magic Die – 2022

This is my random writing task. We were assigned to choose a random photo and write a random story about the photo. I thought this task was fun because it requires an imagination!

Please leave a comment if you have anything on your mind about this task!

The day was basically perfect. The sun was setting, the warmth of the birds singing in the trees hugged me like a blanket. A sudden drone of a deep water droplet entered the sky as if it were played on a massive speaker. My dog, a small black chihuahua, glanced into the sky. Together we looked up as a huge wave in the sky seemed to ripple across the atmosphere. In the middle of the ripple was a tiny white square with black dots smothering it. It seemed to get bigger and bigger when I finally recognised it as a human sized dice!


Shock rushed through my body like water being poured into a cup. I wondered, why is there a dice in the sky? Why is this happening? What is happening? I stopped in my thoughts realising that “I have to get out of here!”. I dashed behind me, near a rock wall. I looked back and my heart dropped. I saw that I had left my dog behind!


He was still looking up at the die, confused as always. I couldn’t leave her there, so I went back to get her. The die was getting closer. Its distance was subtracting each second between us! I had to act fast. I grabbed my hopeless dog with the leash being dragged behind. Bang!


I could feel the sand on my neck. I could feel the sand in my hands. I opened my eyes and could see nothing. I could see darkness. Where am I? My dog was missing and I was, well, somewhere. I got up carefully until I could know I was truly standing. I turn around expecting to find anything, a light, a person, my dog! But there was nothing, not one simple piece of difference in the darkness. I take a deep breath and start to walk forward. One step down, two steps down. I felt like this next step I would fall off a cliff. But I took a bold breath and went.


The silence was filled with the chirping of the birds in the trees and the darkness was filled with the sunset and beach! I was back at the beach, but where was my dog. I turned behind me and I saw the dice I was right behind me! “Did I just walk out of that, that cube!” I say aloud. I slowly touch the cube and shockingly my arm goes through it. Like it’s a hologram.


Something furry touches my leg so I look down and I see my lovely dog! She was still alive. I picked her up and hugged her with all my life. Suddenly a man’s voice echoed through the beach. “Player one. Move 6 steps.” The voice announces. I look at the die thinking it’s coming from it. But no, the voice seemed to come from the sky!

Just as the voice finished the sentence I suddenly forced forward 7 robotic steps. I wasn’t controlling myself, it was something else. It was only three steps in when I noticed the die had rolled a six. I was confused. Was I being controlled by the die? Or was it the voice in the sky? I wondered why there were so many weird things going on at the same time. That’s when it clicked. Am I in a game?

Willow Park Fun Day – 2022

This is my writing task about the Willow Park fun day yesterday. Yesterday we went to Willow Park a camp that includes multiple activities!
It was really fun and I hope we get to do more fun days!

Please leave a comment if you have anything on your mind about this post!


About a day ago Team5 had a trip to Willow Park. A camp with multiple fun activities for children along with their parents to play. There is also a small beach open for everyone to go and swim, bath or even play some sand-capable sports!

The team came here for a fun day. I’m guessing because it’s almost the end of the term. There we had courts we played in, inside games, mini golf and tramps set up outside. Oh and also a vast field capable of rugby. We basically did everything except mini golf. After the morning tea we got ready to go to the beach neighbouring us! At the beach we did some bombs off of this paddle board since there were no structures to jump off of. Once we came back we had lunch, more free time outside and got ready to go home.

The day was overall fantastic, but I would say the food would have been the best for me!

Next time we get to go there I think we should be able to stay for at least a week. I’m pretty sure that we would all fit in the cabins, well I hope. If not then some of us would have to sleep outside in tents only if the owner lets us. Talking about the owner, Chris, he is the one who set up all of this for us. So I would like to say a big thank you and hope that his business goes on!

For our next fun day I and probably multiple others would like to go to have a full on camp!

Or if not then a day at school with fun things to do like sport, movies, fun activities, hide and seek and night! 

Responsibility Acrostic Poem – 2022

Seek help
Never give up
Safe school
Ignore mean people
Best you can be
Idol to the young
Lovely people will be lovely
International people
Talk properly
Yell not, but whisper





Hello once again people!

For this task we were to make an acrostic poem based on Responsibility!
It was a small, easy task but I thought it was pretty cool.
That’s really all I have to say about this task so…

Please leave a comment if you have anything on your mind about this task!

Thanks, Jin.

Jason Voorhees – Writing Task – 2022

Jason Voorhees, one of the most known killers on the web.


Jason Voorhees was first presented in a 1980 film, Friday the 13th. This film is said to be one the most popular media franchises in America! 

This movie follows up on a group of counsellors at summer camp in Camp Crystal Lake. They are killed off one by one by none other than the one and only Jason Voorhees (played by Ari Lehman).
The Jason Voorhees series have gone on for years with the age of 42 years.


For this writing task our literacy class had to write a short paragraph on one of three famous people.
These people were: Jason, Julius Caesar, and this basket ball lady I have no idea who is. I chose Jason
because he was the most known person out of the three and because I think Jason is a cool character
in the horror community!

Please comment if you’ve got anything on your mind about this task!

Thanks, Jin.

Russian Invasion of Ukraine – Reading Task

This is my reading activity for today. It focuses on Ukraine and their invasion.
It’s sad to say but Russia is attempting a full on invasion of Ukraine, Putin the president of Russia,
denies it, but we all know whats up.

I give this activity a 10/10 because it was a good idea of a task to do and it updates us on whats
happening in Ukraine and Russia!

Check out this article where I find all the information I needed for this task.


Thanks, Jin