Day: May 2, 2022

Shreks’ First Ever Blog post….

Shrek does a blog post!

Here is a little About Me that Shrek made.
I wonder what he wrote?

( Comment down below if you have any questions :D)


G’day there,
You may know me as the handsome one and only, Shrek. I live peacefully in a small swamp which conveniently has my everyday needs!
If you have seen my movie, you may also know that I’m an in shape, handsome, tall, kind, loving ogre. I may be stereotyped as a scary disgusting creature but no. I am basically perfect.
I appreciate time alone and sometimes enjoy the company of my fish, bugs, and toothpaste in the kitchen and bathroom. My favourite colour is brown and I love my home dished fish eye balls!
Most of the time I enjoy keeping myself occupied either catching my food or having warm mud baths that are kept warm in the evening by the setting sun!

Immersion Assembly – We Know The Way

The holiday was amazing! Got to see two of my cousins, and more. But sadly and happily at the same time the holidays ended. Yes, today is the first day of school, and we had assembly as always. Each team had their turn to explain what they will be doing through out the term. Team one performed a role play about bees, Team two also had a role play but about pirates. And