Willow Park Fun Day – 2022

This is my writing task about the Willow Park fun day yesterday. Yesterday we went to Willow Park a camp that includes multiple activities!
It was really fun and I hope we get to do more fun days!

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About a day ago Team5 had a trip to Willow Park. A camp with multiple fun activities for children along with their parents to play. There is also a small beach open for everyone to go and swim, bath or even play some sand-capable sports!

The team came here for a fun day. I’m guessing because it’s almost the end of the term. There we had courts we played in, inside games, mini golf and tramps set up outside. Oh and also a vast field capable of rugby. We basically did everything except mini golf. After the morning tea we got ready to go to the beach neighbouring us! At the beach we did some bombs off of this paddle board since there were no structures to jump off of. Once we came back we had lunch, more free time outside and got ready to go home.

The day was overall fantastic, but I would say the food would have been the best for me!

Next time we get to go there I think we should be able to stay for at least a week. I’m pretty sure that we would all fit in the cabins, well I hope. If not then some of us would have to sleep outside in tents only if the owner lets us. Talking about the owner, Chris, he is the one who set up all of this for us. So I would like to say a big thank you and hope that his business goes on!

For our next fun day I and probably multiple others would like to go to have a full on camp!

Or if not then a day at school with fun things to do like sport, movies, fun activities, hide and seek and night! 

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