Month: February 2022

Tech Week 4 2022

Today my Tech group, STEM, talked about biology, chemistry, and physics. This was my first ever time on a Tech meeting. It was pretty weird since we were doing it online. And I’m used to being in person. To be honest it gave be bad flash backs to when we were in lockdown.

Besides that I really enjoyed being there!

Practice Planing

This is my Practice Plan for future planning.

Hope you enjoy this!


Very close to the city, schools and other locations.

– Auckland lagoon

– Auckland City

– Learning centres as well as markets.

A close reserve along with a small beach. 

– What does the ‘small beach’ connect to

– The history behind this beach

– How many times has Point England had their Picnic there

The best school in the world, Point England.

– How many years has Pt England been established

– How is Pt England different from other schools

– How much is Pt England is connected to the community

Writing Challenge

Tik Tok Craze


“Breaking news, a man of the name Matt Goodwin is on the run in the country of the pacific, Samoa. It is said that this man is doing a one man protest about the mobile app Tik Tok. He can be seen around Samoa doing the renegade and forcing people to get the brainwashing app. Here is a video of this man yelling exuberantly in public of Apia, provided by a pedestrian that will remain anonymous.”

Sweet there you go – ” “As you can hear this man is singing the song Sweet and Sour. More information will be provided, this is One News.”